Project summaries and other information for work funded through the BC Agroforestry Industry Development Initiative.

Developing the Business Case for Agroforestry

AGF1212: Business Development Tools For Agroforestry Initiatives In Interior B.C.

AGF1301: Agroforestry Production Development Tool for New Ventures in BC

Improving Agroforestry Market Connections

AGF1101: Practitioner Sales Channel Assessment / Value Chain Opportunity For Hawthorn

Expanding and Strengthening Agroforestry Partnerships

AGF1103: Agroforestry Capacity Building in Northern BC

Improving Agroforestry Awareness, Extension and Education

AGF1104: Agroforestry Session at the 54th Annual Horticulture Growers’ Short Course

AGF1202: Cultivating sustainable agroforestry through collaboration, demonstration & extension

AGF1213: Agroforestry Session at the 55th Annual Horticulture Growers’ Short Course

AGF1303: Agroforestry Tour at the 85th Annual BC Cattlemen's AGM

AGF1304: Riparian Stewardship Through the Use of Agroforestry

Demonstrations of Agroforestry Practices

AGF1203: A Demonstration Food Forest Agroforestry Model in Eastern BC

AGF1204: The Giving Trees: Demonstrating Agroforestry Practices in the Gulf Islands

AGF1205: Integrating Riparian Buffers with Apiculture: A Demonstration

AGF1206R: Devil’s Club Agroforestry Near Powell River, BC

AGF1207: Best practices for native-stand Christmas trees and forages silvopastures

AGF1208: Black Walnut and Pawpaw Forest Alley Cropping Demonstration

AGF1209: Cariboo Silvopasture Demonstration Project